Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Apple Has a Solid Reason For Cracking Down on Third Party Screen Time Apps - Your Privacy

While Mobile Device Management is used by enterprises on the devices they own to better control the devices on the network, it is a violation of the App Store policies for consumer apps to install MDM on a consumer’s device.

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Abandoned Buildings, Warning Signs, a Ghost Town: This Ukrainian Game Brings Chernobyl Back to Life

Players of "Isotopium: Chernobyl" drive tanks around the ghost town of Prypyat near Chernobyl, knocking out competitors as they search for an energy source called isotopium and collecting points every time they find some.

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'Weak, Ineffective, Dangerous': Donald Trump Directs Officials to Toughen Asylum Rules

The memo outlined other changes including charging asylum seekers to file work permit applications, and barring people who enter the US illegally -- or attempt to -- from receiving temporary work permits before being approved for relief.

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US Army Veteran Charged With Plotting to Bomb Rallies, Wanted ‘Retribution’ for Christchurch Attack

Domingo, who had purchased several hundred long nails to serve as shrapnel in the homemade pressure-cooker bombs, had also suggested attacks on Jews, police officers, churches, a military facility, Southern California freeways and the Santa Monica Pier.

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IS Leaders to be 'Delivered Justice', Says US After Al-Baghdadi's First Video in 5 Years

In Baghdadi's first purported appearance in five years, a cross-legged speaker said to be the world's most wanted man referred to the group's defeat last month in its final redoubt of Baghouz and threatened revenge attacks.

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Russia Holding 236 Political Prisoners, Significant Increase Under Prez Putin: Report

The report, led by Perseus Strategies, a Washington-based law firm focused on human rights, listed 236 people it identified as political prisoners, although it said the number was likely "much higher" when including cases that could not be rigorously researched.

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